Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Secrets to success

me:  i'm not mature enough to keep up in real life with my academic personality
 T:  haha
everytime i get into this kinda situation
where im up past midnight cramming my brains out
i vow that once i catch up i'm gonna start studying on a regular basis
 so i never have to put myself through this experience again
somehow that doesnt stick
 me:  no, i think it's a problem of building up the expectations
once people expect more out of you, you're screwed
i should've kept the expectations low to begin with
 T:  haha
thats what austin said the other day
 T:  he got great evals on his medicine rotation
bc he acted like a dumbass the first week
 me:  hahaha
 T:  then his attending was surprised when he turned out to not be a dumbass
 me:  yeah, i should've come off as a dumbass
when people know you're not a dumbass yet you still turn in crappy work....well, then the secret's out about your laziness
/lack of discipline
 T:  yea going the "most improved" route also makes your prof feel better about themselves
 me:  man, sooo true.
 T:  its a win win
the secret to sucess!!
 me:  sigh.

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