Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I can hear it in my head....

.....but it doesn't always make sense on paper. People said that Beethoven could hear his music in his head after he went deaf. I can sooort of hear mine, but it doesn't translate well to the manuscript. Maybe it'd help if I worked on ear training. Perfect pitch is one of those coveted gifts few people have, and every amateur musician wishes he had.

To explain: in an effort to spend my recently increased free time in a more worthy manner, I've been jumping back and forth between music projects....notation software has been updated a lot since the days of Noteworthy Composer, so I've upgraded....although I still find it easiest to revert back to Noteworthy. So far, it's been a lot of starting something and then leaving the song unfinished when the music in my head stops running. Well, I promised Yuh-Chi a piano/violin piece by September, so I figure that'll be incentive to finish at least one project....given that I have a whopping 5 months to be lazy about it. Anyway, in order to force myself to make the transition to writing in minor keys instead of just sticking to the majors, I wrote the beginnings of something in C minor tonight (but only the right hand so far). Did it in Noteworthy, so it's still just a wimpy midi file.

Unfortunately, neither Google Chrome nor Firefox support Active X, so you have to use Internet Explorer to get the embedded player to work....that is, if you really want to hear it. Alright. Way past my bedtime. Buenas noches.

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